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Package 1:

Domain Registration, Music Page Creation, Face Book Fan Page, My Space, Music Submission, Social Network Promotion, Web Design, Page Design, Page Maintenance. Digital Distribution. 7 day Turn Around. Weekly Analytics, and Conference call to help promote your music at a specific market.

1 Year of Service Domain, Twitter Promotion, Itunes + 30 Plus online Music Stores, Digital Distribution, Social Network Promotion For $199


Package 2:

Domain Registration, Music Page, Music Submission, Digital Distribution,
Online Promotion, 7 Day Turn Around. Conference Call to Help Market you Music online.

This Package is a Starter Package, it will get you a (.com) for a year. A Music Page, Web Design, Logo Design, And Online Promotion. Music Submission for 30 + Stores for  $149


Package 3:

Logo Design, Music Page Creation, Online Promotion, and Digital Distribution.

This is a Very Basic Promotion package that includes digital distribution to 30 + Online Retailers. Music Page creation, and The basic online promotion package for $99

      - Single Services -
               Web Design, Domain Registration, Logo Creation $89
      7 Day Turnaround

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Website Maintenance:

This is one of the most important rules to be followed, and this is the rule that is always broken. Most people tend to lose focus and do not upgrade their sites. Leading to broken links and outdated information!

We will personally go through and check every link, and make sure all of your site runs cohesively. Also along with Web Maintenance we will update you with your site statistics once a week.

Adding music, shows, pictures, blog RSS feeds and several other services to keep your experience running smoothly. We will also have our own server where we can back up all of your files, song,s pics and images.
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Get Results:

We can guarantee that your site traffic, and your hits, and fans will grow in just one months time. We have spent 2 years researching our technique and fine tuning it, so we can off this service with 100% Confidence.

When you are a musician you care about your music, you are close to your music, in order to display that to the people let us manage the online services, and let you handle the service of giving the people what they want. You have nothing to lose and they world to gain!
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Website and Music Promotion:

Do you have a show coming up? A New Album? How about you want people to know about that live UStream event that you have weekly?

Maybe you just have a website or a your own site where your music is located?

Not a problem. Our marketing team and partnership with "We Need Promo" we can automate your every move on the internet so all you have to do is reply and create music. We will Update your sites with music and show information, insert the new music, into your stream of promotion.  Our Cross promotion system, and large number of websites, will help your music reach places that you normally could reach.

Music Submission:

We will also take your music, and have it submitted to itunes, Zune Marketplace, Amazon MP3, Wal-mart and 30 + more online stores to sell music. Start Making money today off your product instead of giving it away for free!

Digital Distribution:

By Submitting your music to the sites named before, once you Start making selling your music you will keep 100% of your profits. These sales are calculated and also will build your name and your career faster.

Imagine someone listening to Pandora, your song comes on, and in one click while they are on the bus, at home, work, or Relaxing. They can purchase your song and have it in seconds!
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Let us Build your website, and Promote your music!

Website design is tricky, most people think that you need to have a a flashy site, with extensive graphics. This is not true. Especially now more then anytime before, Everything is mobile. Mobile websites load without the flair, but to deliver the content of the site on the go. With quick access. You need to catch your audiences attention by having 1 site with everything available that loads quickly. And each click generates statistics on your name,  site and music. Leading you to be at the top of search engines when searched for.

The Importance of a good website is the cornerstone to keeping your name relevant and also build your and your group as a brand. Work with us and let us build a eye catching, straight to the point site, that is just as powerful if not more then the most expensive sites. We will register you domain name, and creat a network hub, showcasing your talents and creating promotion at the same time.

We code, We load, we Link, We'll make the graphics. You just do what you do best..

Create Music.

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Welcome to

We are a 1 stop shop for up- and coming Artist Producers, and Promoters. One of the hardest things to do when you initially start your career is balance your career and push your music effectively in every market.

Along with creating, and producing trying to manage your social networks and Interact with your fans can be difficult.

There is a moment as a musician when you finish your song. You believe in your product, its mixed, and you feel like it is ready to go.  You get in the car, or put it in your MP3 player, you listen and you feel like the world needs to hear this right now! You get home, you upload it to your favorite sites, you email everyone go on twitter and your ecstatic!!!! Now what?

You Promote it for a hour, and you watch your numbers go up, they spike through the roof, you know everyone is going to tell their buddies, and your going to wake up further then yesterday. You wake up you check out your social networks you have a buzz, but Now what?

You start Have a Myspace, Facebook, and widgets your presence is on twitter, but what if we told you this scenario.

You send your song to us. We create ( if Needed ) a stream of promotion to make your music availible 24/7 365! We create a easy to remember (.com) we tie all your sites together, and make it so all you have to do is what you do best.

Create Music.
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